Carrollton Hall

Carrollton Hall – In 2017, HEC made a gift of $50,000 for the principal exhibit room in Carrollton Hall, an historic building on the Friars’ property which was built by Charles Carroll and completed in 1832. In January 2014, Carrollton Hall, Inc. was formed for the purposes of restoring Carrollton Hall as a cultural heritage center, a building with great historical significance. Their mission is to strive through educational and other enrichment programs to bring visitors a greater appreciation of history, faith, citizenship, culture, and architecture. The acres on Folly Quarter Road were part of the historical property of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, the only Catholic signer of the Declaration of Independence.  A man of great faith and patriotism, his family’s heritage of religious tolerance played a major role in the design of our nation’s long tradition of religious freedom: besides signing the Declaration of Independence, he helped draft Maryland’s Declaration of Rights in 1776, and served as the first Senator from Maryland.