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Historic Ellicott City, Inc. (HEC) draws its energy and momentum from its volunteers. We began this way when volunteers from the Ellicott City Bicentennial (1972) Committee and Historic Ellicott Mills merged to form our organization it remains so today 50 years hence. Volunteers come from all walks of life bringing diverse perspective to our mission of preservation. We have business owners, lawyers, designers, military persons, landscapers, government employees, artists, teachers, realtors, nurses, homemakers, all committed to this singular goal. As HEC receives no public funding we rely on our primary fundraiser the Decorator Showhouse to produce the revenue needed for the expensive task of preserving historic structures. Our volunteer needs include the following:

Showhouse Volunteers

Have you ever wanted to see how a showhouse evolves behind the scenes? HEC wants you to roll up your sleeves and join in. (Don’t dress up until dirty work is over, however, or dress up and be a docent, or both!)

Volunteer opportunities include: General fundraising, marketing, technical skills related to remodeling and design, an interest in history and good old fashioned roll up your sleeves, unglamorous labor. A sense of “in the trenches” camaraderie develops as we work shoulder to shoulder and that is why we have volunteers who return year after year (it’s FUN!!) However, the enormous need for numbers of persons is so great, we are constantly seeking “new troops”.

General Volunteers

These are the reasons to get involved, because you see we have those questions too and together we find answers and solutions to preserve the past for our children so that they might learn and you can say “I helped preserved that for you”.

Volunteer opportunities include: We need the influx of new ideas for projects to pursue and the talent to achieve them. Skills in media, photography, record keeping, real estate and networking in the business and governmental sectors.

So what’s in it for you? Have you ever seen a building and wondered “What’s happening there, it should be preserved!” HEC Does that! Join us today and help us protect the future by preserving the past. To learn more, fill out the volunteer form below:

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